Art: Explore! Imagine! Discover! - Grade 6

This Art course is designed specifically so Middle School students can become familiar with the many aspects of Art. This course offers a rigorous investigation into art and design materials, techniques, and ideas. Interests in drawing, painting,fashion, digital design, animation, architecture and sculpture will be addressed in this course as well as the basic elements of art and design. This course is designed to broaden students' education so they can be successful creative thinkers and makers in high school and beyond. 

Art Palooza: PAST, PRESENT, and FUTURE - Grade 8

Art Palooza is a fusion of Art History and Art Making. In this course, students will study and create art inspired by different movements, the artists who helped create these movements, and their work. Art history, art appreciation, problem solving, and critical thinking are integrated throughout this course, allowing students to develop increasingly sophisticated creative strategies, skills, and habits of mind. 

Digital Art - Grade 7

Digital Art is a middle school art course designed to introduce art students to the computer as a medium for creating art. Students will work with a variety of input devices and output devices. Students will work in the areas of drawing, painting,and design. This course has been designed to present digital arts for the twenty first century, combining traditional symbolic manipulation with discovery based,hands-on practical problem solving. It will incorporate group learning, authentic assessment methods, and the use of technology as a learning tool throughout the year. Real world, non-routine problems will be an important part of the Digital Art curriculum. They will not be grouped separately, but will be integrated throughout the curriculum. Technology, such as computers and art applications,will be used in the creating of all projects. 

Family and Consumer Sciences

Creative Cooking - Grade 8

Creative Cooking class allows students to in the kitchen engaging in cooperative learning strategies and sound nutritional practices. The course will explore the culinary world, including different jobs related to the field, nutrition, safety, sanitation, proper tool and equipment use and culinary terminology. Students will prepare ingredients and cook recipes providing them with a fun and exciting hands on experience, while allowing them to develop practical life skills in the kitchen. The course is for students interested in the field and it will challenge students to establish a foundation for healthy eating, recipe creating, and proper kitchen performance all while complimenting a passion for food.

Intro to Foods - Grade 6

Intro to Foods is an exciting, fun, hands-on class where students learn important life skills in the kitchen. Students learn about making good food choices and get to practice that with preparing recipes promoting a healthy diet. The course also teaches safety in the kitchen, how to read recipes, measure ingredients properly, and understand recipe terminology. Students will also get to try out a multitude of kitchen equipment and tools while focusing on nutritious food choices and practicing healthy food preparation techniques.

Industrial Arts

Design and Problem Solving - Grade 7

Design and Problem Solving: In this technology course, students will be challenged to think 'outside of the box' to come up with different solutions to real-world design problems. The application of math and science concepts to real life situations is a core aspect to this cycle. Students will become familiar with the design loop,structures, and electricity during this course of study. Topics Covered: Design Loop,Structures, Sketching, Electricity, Soldering

Intro to Engineering - Grade 6

In this sixth grade technology course, students will practice problem solving and creative thinking skills related to simple and complex machines. Emphasis will be placed on the integration of math and science with technology. Students will learn and become familiar with the six simple machines, gears, and forces and will be able to do basic calculations to calculate mechanical advantage. Topics Covered: Forces,Inclined Plane/Wedge, Lever, Wheel and Axle, Gears, Pulley, Screws

Robotic Engineering I - Grade 7

Robotics I will be offered to a wide range of students who have varying abilities and interests. It provides strong interdisciplinary connections to areas of mathematics,science, engineering, and technology. Students will consistently be afforded the opportunity to make real-world, hands-on connections to robotic devices that are currently being utilized in society today. Each individual will experiment with a variety of configurations while writing programs that allow the robot to navigate intelligently and autonomously, with an emphasis on moving, turning, lifting,sensing the environment in terms of light, contact and proximity, monitoring interval states; and most importantly, solving problems that occur in everyday life.The entire program and lab experience is both kinesthetic and computer-based, to maximize student learning and understanding.

Robotics Engineering II - Grade 8

Robotics II is designed for students at the Middle School level who have previously taken Robotics I. The students will focus on hands-on methods for the design and development of robotic devices whose function is to accomplish prescribed tasks.These tasks will increase in complexity from the tasks mastered in Robotics I. The course content provides strong interdisciplinary connections to areas of mathematics, science, engineering, and technology, and students will consistently be afforded the opportunity to make real-world connections to robotic devices that are currently being utilized in society today. The entire program and lab experience is both kinesthetic and computer-based, to maximize student learning and understanding.

Woods and Metals - Grade 7

This program emphasizes design, problem-solving and hands-on experiences to develop STEM related skills. Activities focus on the proper and safe use of hand tools, careful measuring, power tools, stationary power tools, technology and the skills associated with each. The students will also demonstrate their ability to use mechanical drawing techniques to design innovative solutions, and select the proper tools to construct a project (solution) for a given problem. All projects have a problem-solving component.

Woods and Metals - Grade 8

This course is designed to provide students with a hands-on experience which closely resembles industry practice. Emphasis is placed on power tool safety and how each tool is used in relation to a particular problem or project. Measuring,design, sketching, mechanical drawing and prototype development are often used to arrive at solutions for design problems, which often incorporate moving parts.Solutions are then constructed utilizing appropriate woodworking or metal working tools and techniques. These hands-on skills are then used to produce projects where emphasis is placed on craftsmanship.


Global Digital Citizenship - Grade 6

How do you become a good digital citizen? Learn about your digital footprint,cyberbullying, creative rights, strategic searching and more. Also learn how to not fall victim to scams and schemes. Students will also connect with students from around the world using social media tools like Skype and GoogleHangout. 

Imagineering - Grade 8

Explore your own passions, imagine the possibilities, Create a project of your choosing! Research it, execute it and share it with your classmates and others.This course offers a unique opportunity for students to develop and refine skills from business, media, art, and science to create a footprint in the local community and/or the global landscape. Students will analyze current social,economic, and special interest issues and develop action plans to impact the landscape of that particular issue. Teamwork, goal-setting, evaluative research, effective communication and careful planning are part ofImagineering and are all 21st Century skills. Creativity is strongly encouraged! 

MultiMedia Production and Design - Grade 7

This course is designed to move students from multimedia consumers to multimedia producers and creators. Students will create podcasts, digital slideshows and movies using a project-based curriculum that reinforces primary subject areas as well. Students will analyze and critique media,comparing and contrasting various media sources. This course strives to allow each student to create his or her own production, determine the production’s target audience and choose appropriate delivery mechanisms and creation tools.

Video Game Design - Grade 8

Students will use content from their math, language arts, science, social studies and more classes, to design and create a video game. These games will be assessed, then shared and played by the students of the class. 

Young Makers - Grade 7

Want to play piano with a banana or make a drum kit with oranges? Always wanted to design and build an object on a 3D printer? Want to control robotic arms with a servo motor or activate light through sound? As a young maker in our new maker space you can! Students will be using Makey-Makeys, Littlebits,3D Printers and more to create original projects. The only limit to what you create is your own imagination.

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