World Language

World Language

French, Italian, and Spanish - Grade 6

In this semester course, students examine a language of choice in anexploratory manner to build basic skills that serve as a foundation foradvanced language learning. The students will be introduced to listening,speaking, reading and writing in the target language. The use of audio-visualaids will strengthen the skills of understanding and communication;teaching students to communicate at a basic level.

French, Italian, and Spanish - Grade 7

In these full year courses, the emphasis is on understanding,communicating, listening and speaking as well as reading and writing. Thestudent is guided through stages of understanding, imitation, repetition, andsubstitution using contemporary dialogues. A variety of materials are usedto introduce the student to the second levels of language study. Additionally,students will examine significant ideas, beliefs, and themes; organizepatterns and events in Spanish, French and Italian. They will understand thecommonalities and differences of world cultures and their own. They willable to engage in meaningful conversation and compare other languages andcultures to language and culture in the U.S.

Level I - French, Italian, and Spanish - Grade 8

In this third year, full year course, students will continue to practice andapply language skills. The approach to this objective is threefold; acomprehensive approach to develop reading, writing, listening, andspeaking in a target language while honing those skills in English as well; asubstantial focus on oral proficiency to provide graduates with the practicalability needed to function within and outside the U.S. Students are stronglyencouraged to become proficient in at least one language other than Englishto be on the cutting edge of a society which is increasingly becoming moremultilingual.
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