November 13, 2020

Dear students, parents, and guardians:

We in the counseling department would like to touch base with you periodically throughout this very unique school year.  We have successfully made it to Quarter 2!  We want to commend you all for your hard work and dedication at this difficult time.  We know there are myriad challenges for all, including students, parents, and educators.  We are noticing some themes and have some suggestions for success going forward.  Please keep in mind the following:

  • Students learn best (virtually) when their cameras are on and they are engaged in the class and with the teacher

  • Teachers are available starting at 1:00 pm daily with office hours.  Students are encouraged and welcomed to attend anytime they need to in order to get extra assistance.

  • Reach out by email to teachers when struggling; explain your situation and see what can be done.

  • Clean out your inboxes daily, so you don’t miss important items.

  • Make time for fun and relaxation once you’ve done all of the above!

Academics aside, our department is hard at work to provide Social/Emotional support to all students as well.  We’ve been hosting small groups as well as large group discussions both virtually and in person to engage students on important topics related to Social emotional growth.  This is an important endeavor, particularly as we navigate such unprecedented times. 

Finally, this pandemic has forced many of us, including our children, to feel isolated as we continue to social distance.  Please talk to your child about how they may be feeling emotionally, and encourage them to connect with friends and family members, albeit electronically, so as not to feel isolated. As always, we’re here to support and help both you and your children as needed. Just reach out!


The Central Middle School Counseling Department 


Greetings from

CMS School Counseling Department 



Hello Parents and Guardians!

Welcome  Back to Central Middle School!  We know this time has proven to be difficult and we just wanted to reach out to say hello and offer any help we can! Please know your child is in an amazing school with professionals who really care.  We appreciate your patience as we work through this ever changing experience! 

See below for some information on how to structure your child's day and other things about remote learning that may prove to be helpful.  We also included some helpful links at the end (please also refer to our "Virtual Learning Parent Resources" tab for additional information). We are so proud of how everyone has adjusted to this unusual situation.  This is an evolving situation and everyone has been doing a great job taking the changes as they come.

Theresa Mulroony - 8th Grade
Larry Hart - 7th Grade
Annie Sutherland - 6th Grade


How can we be reached?

  • We are available via email and phone during school hours each day. Please feel free to contact us via email.  
  • Should you need a face to face meeting, we can always set something up on google meet.
  • If the safety of a student is in question outside of school hours (8am-2:46pm, M-F) and/or we can not be reached, please contact the police.

How can we help?

  • We are here to help make your child's journey through middle school as easy and positive as possible.  From helping your child figure out the best way to get his or her school work done to helping him/her through a hard day to ensuring he/she feels safe at school, we are here for you! See the link to the left regarding the role of a school counselor for additional information.
  • Please reach out to us with any questions, concerns, or issues as you normally would  and we will assist you and your child as best we can.
  • If your child needs any emotional assistance over this time, please do not hesitate to reach out 

Information on Remote Learning:

  • Please remind your children that they are expected to participate in the remote learning just as they are expected to participate when we are in the physical building
  • Each teacher will be taking attendance on their google meet or in their google classroom each day.  Be sure your child speaks up when the teacher is taking attendance! 
  • Get acquainted with your child's Google Classroom. Each class has a google classroom where assignments and information are posted daily. See the links below to help you wrap your head around these Google Classrooms
  • Please be aware that your child should be in an area as free of distractions as possible when on google meets.  We  know this can be difficult but you don't want anything going on that would be distracting to both your child and all the children on the google meet. 
  • Your child should structure his or her day just as the school day is structured.  If, for example, your child has Science during Period 1, he or she should log into the google classroom and/or the google meet for Science at 8:00 and see what is expected of them that day and work on it during that time. Here is the bell schedule:

    Homeroom – Early Dismissal


    Period 1


    Period 2


    Period 3


    Period 4

    9:36-10:06    6th grade lunch

    Period 5

    10:07-10:37  7th grade lunch

    Period 6

    10:38-11:08  8th grade lunch

    Period 7


    Period 8


  • Between classes, your children should take a break and stretch.  
  • If your child is home, be sure they have a snack at some point and take a FULL break away from the computer during "lunch". Not to mention drink water! 
  • If your child does not understand what is expected of him or her for an assignment, encourage your child to reach out to the teacher via email.
  • If you would like to keep track of your child's progress, log in to Genesis at the below link (note there is a Parent Access and a Student Access which are two different links)
  • Having trouble with Genesis?  See the links below. If you continue to have issues, please contact TSS: You can open a ticket by calling (862) 286-7069 or emailing
  • Genesis Parent Access

Additional Resources:

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